Good Stuff Happens When You Have an HR Department of 1

That’s right. Growing businesses don’t need an enormous HR team; even just one person can get the job done. Eventually, when the organization gets big enough, a larger HR department will be a necessity. But until a full team becomes necessary, a one-person HR department can be an amazing force. All my HR folks.......Is this [...]

Ten Outdated Rules That Drive Great Employees Away

Ten Outdated Rules That Drive Great Employees Away Culture matters as much as it does because people can’t bring their best to work unless they are respected and treated like valuable collaborators there. These ten outdated policies don’t treat people like adults – they treat them like wayward children or criminals. I can think of [...]

5 Ways Other People Can Help (or Hurt) Your Career

This is particularly true if you are an employee because you have performance reviews and co-workers to worry about, but even if you own your own business, you will always have to interact with other people. While hard work can get you far, there will always be other players who can positively or negatively change [...]

This Is What Happens When You Embrace Your Failures

Ladies, this one is for you!! How many of you failed on your way to getting to where you are now? How many of you are better for it? Great article for any woman in the workplace no matter what position you are in your company...... This Is What Happens When You Embrace Your Failures

Hard Work Won’t Make You Successful — But Doing This Will

I don’t blame anyone who has become frustrated and disillusioned with the working world. It is a huge disappointment to grow up and realize that most of what we’ve been taught about how to be successful is bad advice. Hard Work Won't Make You Successful -- But Doing This Will....

Create More Business Now!!

I will be doing a live 30 minute webinar starting at 9 am Pacific Time this morning on Leadership.  Here's what you can expect: What leadership looks like in today's business environment, the 5 components that make up leadership and 4 easy ways you can boost your leadership skills starting right now!! Follow this link......... [...]